Saturday, October 31, 2009

Is skin pain part of having the FLU?!?!?! Please help...?

Yesterday I was feeling skin pain on my back. It is the type where it feels really sensitive, and when you rub it against something it would really hurt.Today it got worst, just an hour ago I woke up from a nap only to feel cold (shivering under my blanket), weak, dizzy and my brother said I feel warm, so i guess it is obvious I have the flu. But never in my life have I had the symptom of skin pain during a flu, and friends say they get it sometimes. Is this true? Is skin pain one of the symptoms of a flu, or can this be something worse?
A doctor can treat you if you have a bacterial infection but if it's viral, all they can do is give you some meds to help make you comfortable ~ you have to let the viral problems run their course.When I have the flu, I hurt all over, too, yours just settled in your back this time. Munch on ice if your stomach is too upset to hold very much and that will help slow down dehydration. Try to drink Sprite or Ginger Ale and eat saltines or pretzels to help you hold the fluid in your body (the salt is needed). That will hopefully keep your electrolytes in balance so you don't pass out when you get up. You can take Tylenol for the pain but if you need more, see your doctor.Good luck to you ~ hope you get to feeling better soon.
When I have the flu EVERYTHING hurts! Even my eyeballs. So your skin hurting does not surprise me at all. Get plenty of rest and fluids. Hope you feel better soon!
Why would you think it is OBVIOUSLY the Flu?Go to and type in "skin pain".Maybe it'll shine a light on your condition then go see a Doctor
This sounds like a similar viral infection that I had suffered with this year...
I would go check with your doc. They can give antiviral meds to help your ailments.
Hope you get better real soon!
Seems pretty normal. Remember flu strains change all the time so your symptoms will probably not be exactly the same. If you start feeling better but the back of your neck still hurts get it checked out. I doubt it is anything serious, get well soon.


  1. I have flu and only have a couple of items of clothing I can wear because my skin is so painful and sensitive. I also have terrible back pain. Googling a bit this appears to be down to cytokines and chemokines - a by product of the cells the flu has attacked. Cytokines and chemokines cause high levels of inflammation, even in the skin. Flu also attacks nerve endings in cells, so it's probably minor nerve damage causing it as well as inflammation which causes the burning sensation.

    It goes away in a few days apparently.

  2. I was exposed to H1N1 and one of my distinct symptoms was skin pain. The person who exposed it to me had a physicians confirmation...never felt skin pain before or since.

  3. I had the H1N1 a year ago this week, and had the horrid skin pain thing. Never before or since.

  4. I had the H1N1 a year ago this week, and had the horrid skin pain thing. Never before or since.



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